Independent Model

Families or learning groups can enroll directly in the Micro-Collegiate Academy to provide high school education for their micro-school or homeschool students. The program is all-inclusive, providing curriculum, course materials, and support. With the independent option, families can determine their preferred schedules and sequencing for the course.

  • High school curriculum provided by BrightThinker, integrated with the TEL Learning Platform, or other curriculum as selected by the micro-school or homeschool co-op
  • College curriculum offered through TEL
  • High school instruction provided by a micro-school or homeschool co-op via parents or hired staff
  • College credit courses and instruction offered through York College in partnership with TEL Education
  • Human interaction provided online by TEL Education and York College, and in-person through the micro-school


Affordable: $200 for the 9th or 10th grade curriculum (with scholarship) and $100 per course for dual credit high school courses (with scholarship)

Easy to implement for individual families or micro-schools

Flexible options for scheduling and school design

High-quality learning experiences that can accommodate both self-paced, facilitated, and blended learning models

Students have the ability to earn up to two years of college credit, with an associate degree option

Getting Started guide for micro-school parents