Independent Model

Families or learning groups can enroll directly in the Micro-Collegiate Academy to provide high school education for their micro-school or homeschool students. The program is all-inclusive, providing curriculum, course materials, and support. With the independent option, families can determine their preferred schedules and sequencing for the course. Students who participate in YC Academy as part of the MCA program can earn an associate degree.

  • High school curriculum provided by BrightThinker, integrated with the TEL Learning Platform, or other curriculum as selected by the micro-school or homeschool co-op
  • College curriculum offered through TEL
  • High school instruction provided by a micro-school or homeschool co-op via parents or hired staff
  • College credit courses and instruction offered through York College in partnership with TEL Education
  • Associate degree provided by York College for successful completion of YC Academy course sequence
  • Human interaction provided online by TEL Education and York College, and in-person through the micro-school


Affordable: $200 for the 9th or 10th grade curriculum (with scholarship) and $100 per course for dual credit high school courses (with scholarship)

Easy to implement for individual families or micro-schools

Flexible options for scheduling and school design

High-quality learning experiences that can accommodate both self-paced, facilitated, and blended learning models

Students have the ability to earn up to two years of college credit, with an associate degree option

Getting Started guide for micro-school parents