High-Quality Curriculum Focused on Mastery

Whether you are part of a micro-school or a more traditionally structured classroom environment, you want your students to learn the material and be able to apply it in larger contexts. That’s why TEL Education’s learning engineers have designed the Micro-Collegiate Academy to focus on concept mastery and demonstrable evidence of learning. That emphasis is reflected both in TEL’s college-credit courses as well as the 9th and 10th-grade curriculum provided by BrightThinker.

 Curriculum Sequence

See the recommended course breakdown by grade level

Curriculum Course Design

Learn more about TEL’s approach to course design and why we consider our courses to be highly engineered

21st Century Skills and Competencies

Modern learners need courses that not only teach content but also show students how to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-evolving world. Learn more about how we apply these skills in our curriculum.